04 Nov 2016

The Never-ending Love for Hot Dogs


Hot dogs have always been a favorite, however, their popularity is breaking records across the world. Franchises are expanding to china, the UAE, and even the Philippines. Africa and the Middle East are among the growing fans of hot dogs and sausages and are expected to top the list of requests.

The unexpected growth of this market is credited to the ever improving recipes and a few smart marketers are now including vegan assortments. The meat varieties vary in attractiveness due to religious beliefs prohibiting pork. This puts chicken dogs in the lead- however, there is always beef, mutton, lamb and vegan recipes that fill the gap.

The average age groups are reportedly around 30, hard to believe when kids and elders alike eat them like they are in short supply. Brats and wieners are more sought after than ever before and its universal! It’s a movement that has surprised everyone.

And here’s an explanation- improvements such as sow stall free pork and grass-fed beef makes all the difference in taste. Vegan dogs are a new addition to a handful of dog suppliers. Smart move, that opens the doors to family gatherings and eliminates one person starving at the table.

Having an assortment of toppings and recipe combinations on hand also help the explosive market grow. The perfect sauces only enhance the flavors they don’t cover them up and few hot dog providers realize that. The most successful markets include premium sides like French fries with or without cheese or gravy. This just seems to add that extra punch to the table.

Research shows an expected market value to surpass 76 million in America alone by 2019. The competition for manufacturers is powerful and brings the power to the consumers more than ever before. Preferred tastes and accessibility is key to winning your loyal audience. This is a global event and it’s growing daily if you intend to join this is the time to get started. Hot dog franchises are available from some companies, just be sure they guarantee your independent and the rules and prices are amenable to all involved.