24 Nov 2016

Schoolies Sausage Fest! The survival guide


What?…What’s wrong with that title? I’m merely referring to the obliterating amount of sausages our Gold Coast branch is expected to churn out over the certifiably crazy next couple of weeks.

As schools of schoolies, toolies, foolies & hoolie-doolie’s converge the air is blazing with new found freedom, teenage hormones, sunburn and glow sticks. There are many bad choices that can be made with such a cocktail, arm yourself with this survival guide as you let loose and party. We’re all stocked up and ready to do our bit.

Think and Drink

The reward for hard work doesn’t need to involve killing off every brain cell that got you through your exams. No brain cells doesn’t put you in great stead for the workforce, have fun by all means; but know your limits and avoid over-doing it. Let’s have shots! Don’t have shots…go get hotdogs.

No swimming!

The ocean is dangerous enough in the daytime. Going for a dip in the dark with the sharks while fully clothed and inebriated is a little risky. As tempting as the crashing black waves are and the hidden rips and slimy creatures lurking below the surface may be, we suggest a shower instead.

Let’s go for a swim! Nah…go get hotdogs.

Beware the drink and ink

Making any decision while drunk is dangerous; permanently etching something into your skin is just plain daft. Yes Johnno might be hot and yes, you are a free spirit; but don’t get caught up in the moment and brand yourself with something dumbass. Let’s get tattoos! No no no… go get hotdogs!

Look out for each other

Schoolies is about celebrating with your friends. It’s about moving into adulthood and on to the next chapter in your lives. Keep an eye on your mates and help them make the right choices so you have an experience you’ll remember forever for the right reasons. You know where to turn when you have the ‘drunchies!’ (drunk munchies).

Let’s get food! YEAH get hotdogs! How many hotdogs will we sell? Time will tell. If the GC branch survives to tell the tale we’ll let you know.

Stay safe schoolies!