09 Aug 2016



2016 has been a big year for 5 Dogs so far, especially when it comes to chips. So much so that we could probably have called our business “5 Chips”, only that’s a terrible serving size so it didn’t work.

“5 Seagulls” was suggested but we went with “5 Dogs” because dogs are just more likeable. If you went on a date with someone and one of their first questions was “Are you a cat person or a seagull person?” you’d probably ask for the check.

But anyway, we’ve served over 25 tonnes of chips. This means we have already sold twice as much chips as we did last year.

That’s over 480 kilos a week, which is about as much potatoes as the average Australian eats in 13 years.

That’s a real statistic, go ahead and check. It’s from 2012 though and we are really hoping Australians are eating twice as much potato by 2017. Some of our customers probably already do.

Poutine in particular has turned out be far more popular than expected. Poutine is basically “Canadian style” chips. If you haven’t tried them before then you owe it to yourself to get to a 5 Dogs store and see what you’re missing out on.