09 Aug 2016



As you probably know, new Lockout Laws kicked in from July 1st this year despite widespread criticism from Valley businesses and their customers.

Many businesses were concerned that the new laws would have a horrible effect on their sales but thanks to our customers 5 Dogs had nothing to worry about.

In fact, the weekend that the new laws came in we had one of the busiest nights in 5 Dogs history.

Sure, maybe the current state government is a totalitarian dictatorship that will inevitably destroy all our freedoms, leading to a horrific dystopian Queensland that is equal parts Blade Runner and Footloose but that probably won’t happen for like, nine years, at least. For now, the new lockout laws are no match for our 5 Dogs customers and their insatiable need to party.

Oh yeah, also your hunger for our food. That’s sort of what we depend on most if we’re being honest, though the party thing is good too. Keep it up.